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  • 5 reasons to join the network

    5 reasons to join the network

    You should join us if you are looking to: Or whatever reasons you have, and you feel you need contact, information, inspiration or you feel you could be sharing this, contact us and join. Foto: Midjourney, prompt: open water swimmers in neoprene suits at Neuschwanstein Castle, look & feel like calvin klein model –s 250…

  • How you can join us?

    How you can join us?

    Joining Belgrade Sports Hub is free. There are no membership fees involved. Right now there is no formal process for joining, no voting and etc… If you want to join, please contact us. Our predominance way of working is at live (in Belgrade) and online meetings once every couple of months. Also, we share asynchronously…

  • How did it start?

    How did it start?

    Look at this image. What do you see? Believe me or not it’s generated by an AI model called MIDJOURNEY. I put a text prompt (command) entering these words “Happy men and women runners are the champions with neuron green medals around their necks, detailed gorgeous faces, detailed skin texture, detailed gorgeous clothing figures, detailed…

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